Enhancement Detail

Designed to enhance the visual appearance of bodywork and is best suited to vehicles previously detailed, brand new, or newly restored cars that have minor paint defects.

1–2 days from £750 plus VAT

The LuxDetailing Enhancement detail does just that – the overall visual appearance of the vehicle is significantly improved.

Beginning with a complete wash of the vehicle (including inside wheel arches and intricate details) with a pH-neutral shampoo and a non-acidic chemical decontamination, LuxDeatling then apply a staged approach of ‘preparation’, ‘correction’ and ‘protection’ for the entire vehicle.

The exterior is subject to a meticulously executed multi-stage polish removing minor paint defects and any swirl marks caused by previous poor polishing techniques, then a GYEON® or Kamkikaze® protective ceramic coating is applied, ensuring the vehicle is protected from the effects of ultraviolet light, and etching from environmental contaminants, providing it with exceptional durability and hydrophobic properties against water and road grime.

The interior is decontaminated, thoroughly cleaned, materials revitalised and worn leathers recoloured and restored.

Wheels are decontaminated, single-stage polished, protected and tyres dressed. Complimentary treatments are applied to the entire engine bay too, where surfaces are treated and plated materials protected.

The cost of a LuxDetailing Enhancement treatment is often offset by the increase in the vehicle’s market value as a result of the benefits.

Decontamination of the exterior paint with a multi-stage decontamination process and Lux Safe Wash.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination process
Correction Stage – Three-stage paint correction – Course, fine and ultra-fine
Protection Stage – Ceramic Coating Gyeon Q2 MOHS+

Enhance the engine bay appearance whilst retaining a natural look but providing protection against fading of plastics and protection of plated surfaces.
Preparation Stage – Wash and decontamination
Protection Stage – Ceramic Coating Gyeon TRIM COAT

Decontamination and Lux Safe Wash of the wheels and tyres.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination
Correction stage – Single-stage polish with Rupes iBrid Nano
Protection Stage – Ceramic Coating Gyeon RIM COAT
Tyres Protection – Gyeon TIRE

Decontamination of the soft top fabric, removal of stains and enhance the colour before applying a water repellent coating.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination
Protection – (Extra Cost Option) Gyeon FABRIC COAT

Decontamination with mildest of products to clean. Enhancement by removal of scratches to seat and protective cream to soften leather and revitalise. Finished off with a protection coating.
Preparation – Clean and decontamination with mild detergents to remove grease and oils from handling
Correction Stage – (Extra Cost Option) Colorant applied to seat bolster to remove worn, faded and scratch areas. Specialist use of Air Gun creates the natural texture of the leather without loss of grain.
Protection Stage – Gyeon LEATHER COAT

The above processes all use Gyeon products, but others are available on request.