Signature Detail

Designed for those occasions where the vehicle is required to be detailed in areas seen or unseen to a trophy level of finish.

4-6 days from £2,995 plus VAT

A LuxDetailing Signature detail really has no limits. A vehicle can be prepared to exceptional concours-winning levels of finish.

Please contact us and we will prepare a bespoke quotation for your requirements.

Decontamination of the exterior paint with a multi-stage decontamination process and Lux Safe Wash.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination process
Correction Stage – Three-stage paint correction
Protection Stage – Ceramic Coating Gyeon Q2 MOHS+

Enhance the engine bay appearance whilst retaining a natural look but providing protection against fading of plastics and protection of plated surfaces.
Preparation Stage – Clean and decontamination
Protection – Ceramic Coating Gyeon TRIM COAT

Decontamination and Lux Safe Wash of the wheels and tyres.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination
Correction stage – Single-stage polish with Rupes iBrid Nano
Protection Stage – Ceramic Coating Gyeon RIM COAT
Tyres Protection – Gyeon TIRE

Decontamination of the soft top fabric, removal of stains and enhance the colour before applying a water repellent coating.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination
Protection – Gyeon FABRIC COAT

Decontamination with mildest of products to clean. Enhancement by removal of scratches to seat and protective cream to soften leather and revitalise. Finished off with a protection coating.
Preparation – Clean and decontamination with mild detergents to remove grease and oils from handling
Correction Stage – (Extra cost option if required) Colorant applied to seat bolster to remove worn, faded and scratch areas.
Specialist use of Air Gun creates the natural texture of the leather without loss of grain.
Protection Stage – Gyeon LEATHER COAT

The above processes all use Gyeon products, but others are available on request.