Protection Detail

Designed to freshen up the appearance and forms part of the maintenance schedule which should be done after enhancement or correction detail.

1 day from £345 plus VAT

A LuxDetailing Protection detail treatment should form part of a regular maintenance schedule, ideally carried out after a Correction or Enhancement detail.

After a complete wash with a pH-neutral shampoo and chemical decontamination of the vehicle, a correctly executed machine polish is used to ensure the paintwork is immaculate in it’s finish, removing minor scratches and any surface marring. The ‘protection’ is then applied as a ceramic coating (a superior and more permanent alternative to wax) LuxDetailing use premium industry leading products from GYEON® and Kamkikaze®.

In addition to the exterior paintwork, the wheels, glass, any metal surfaces, interior plastics and leathers are all cleaned with the correct techniques and protected with products sympathetic to the requirements of the individual vehicle.

The complete vehicle is then protected from the effects of ultraviolet light, and etching from environmental contaminants, with exceptional durability and hydrophobic properties against water and road grime. As well as making it much easier to clean, as debris finds it harder to adhere to the paintwork, there is also the long-term benefit of a vehicle potentially increasing in value significantly – particularly with rare and collectable examples.

According to the level of protection applied and which products are used, a vehicle can be protected for up to 3 years, providing the correct maintenance procedures are in place for the duration.

Decontamination of the exterior paint with a multi-stage decontamination process and Lux Safe Wash.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination process
Protection Stage – Top up with relevant Ceramic Coating protection

Enhance the engine bay appearance whilst retaining a natural look but providing protection against fading of plastics and protection of plated surfaces.
Preparation Stage – Clean and decontamination
Protection Stage – Apply UV protection to plastic trim

Decontamination and Lux Safe Wash of the wheels and tyres.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination
Tyres Protection – Gyeon TIRE
Protection Stage – Apply a top up coat of Ceramic Protection

Decontamination of the soft top fabric, removal of stains and enhance the colour before applying a water repellent coating.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination
Protection – Gyeon FABRIC COAT

Decontamination with mildest of products to clean. Enhancement by removal of scratches to seat and protective cream to soften leather and revitalise. Finished off with a protection coating.
Preparation – Clean and decontamination with mild detergents to remove grease and oils from handling
Protection Stage – Gyeon LEATHER COAT

The above processes all use Gyeon products, but others are available on request.