Maintenance Wash

Designed to maintain the initial treatments applied to the exterior, by preserving the protective layers and guarding against further abrasions to the paintwork.

from £120 plus VAT

The LuxDetailing Maintenance Wash forms a regular part of any detailing schedule. It is suited to vehicles that have previously been ceramic coated at the detailing centre.

A pre-wash and decontamination of the vehicle (including inside wheel arches) with a non-acidic based cleaner removing road grime, is followed by a regular wash with a pH-neutral shampoo, where all intricate details are agitated and thoroughly cleaned. The vehicle is then dried by hand with deep microfibre towelling, with water traps around mirrors and trim panels blown dry to avoid water streaking.

A ceramic coat top-up is applied to prolong the durability and enhancement of both the gloss and repellency.

The interior is vacuumed with surfaces cleaned. Wheels, tyres and glasswork are then correctly dressed and polished.

Decontamination of the exterior paint with a multi-stage decontamination process and Lux Safe Wash.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination process

Enhance the engine bay appearance whilst retaining a natural look but providing protection against fading of plastics and protection of plated surfaces.
Preparation Stage – Wash and decontamination
Protection Stage – Ceramic Coating Gyeon TRIM COAT

Decontamination and Lux Safe Wash of the wheels and tyres.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination
Tyres Protection – Gyeon TIRE

Decontamination of the soft top fabric, removal of stains and enhance the colour before applying a water repellent coating.
Preparation Stage – Lux Safe Wash and decontamination

Decontamination with mildest of products to clean.
Protection Stage – Gyeon LEATHER COAT

The above processes all use Gyeon products, but others are available on request.