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Service options

LuxDetailing service options are individually tailored to the particular reuirements of your vehicle.

Gyeon specialist products

Detailing a car to it’s full unsurpassable potential requires the use of the most innovative technology. In our studio we use Gyeon scientifically tested products, Individually formulated for specific applications providing a thick, hard, self cleaning and hydrophobic finish to exterior surfaces. Advanced Gyeon quartz technology is used for glass work providing exceptional results.

Interior materials are sympathetically taken care of with Gyeon interior dressings providing excellent anti static and UV protection qualities. For leather, Q2 Leathercoat has been developed to repel liquids and dirt and retain the matt finish of classic interiors.


Protection Detail

Designed to freshen up the appearance and forms part of the maintenance schedule which should be done after enhancement or correction detail.


Enhancement Detail

Designed to enhance the visual appearance of bodywork and is best suited for vehicles previously detailed, brand new, or newly restored cars that have minor paint defects.


Correction Detail

Designed to correct major paint defects and is best suited to vehicles showing heavy swirl marks or light scratches.


Signature Detail

Designed for those occasions where the vehicle is required to be detailed in areas seen or unseen to a trophy level of finish.


Concours D’Elegance

A ‘bespoke service’ designed and tailored to the needs of each vehicle.


Event Support

Another bespoke service designed for client support at Concours d’Elegance events, or simply at a location where the car is based.

Detailing - Ferrari | Lamborghini | McLaren | Porsche | Mercedes | BMW | Audi | Aston Martin

Dealer Solutions

New and used car detailing enhances the appearance, providing customer satisfaction and enhanced resale value.

Bodyshop Solutions

Exceptional preparation to enhance a vehicle’s appearance is vital before returning it to a customer or dealership. Customer satisfaction is maintained too.

Owner Solutions

LuxDetailing will take care of your vehicle’s maintenance detailing to enhance its history and retain its resale value.

Certified Detailers

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