Project Description

Porsche 911 GT3 – Signature Detail

Our client is meticulous in the approach to the care and maintenance of this Porsche GT3. With our proven professional work ethic using only market leading products, he felt totally comfortable entrusting Lux Detailing to carry out this full detail.

The stunning results were achieved through a three-stage paint correction process, complimented with the application of GYEON EVO Infinite Q2 Base Type 1 and EVO Infinite Q2 Top Coat Type 1 ceramic coating to painted surfaces, and Gyeon Q2 PPF to film protected areas.

For the finishing touches we used GYEON Q² Matte ceramic coating to future protect, and bring back the ’as new’ look to the intricate wheel detailing. Tyres were also treated to maintain their appearance and provide superb water beading properties. All interior surfaces were decontaminated, enhanced and refreshed as necessary.